vineri, 25 septembrie 2009


Hell is on the Earth
And we're giving it birth
So when it will be released
You will see the seed

And the light will be
Only a strange memory
In the thoughts of every
Left alive human being

Will we ever feel again
Anything but fear and pain
Hate still rules our minds
And makes victims in our eyes

We were not suppose to do
All the things I said to you
We were not meant to kill
Or the hate feeling to feel

But the darkness came above
As poison in mind and drove
Us right into sin
Who will can ever clean
The poison in our veins

Darkness already rules
And faithless being are to fuse
To any being in this world
'Cause there is no faith or love

Hate is only the beginning
Hate is everything we have
Hate is what is human being
Hate will send us in the grave