miercuri, 2 mai 2012

Mighty Moments

I feel that I must
I must feel your lust
I want you to feel my fire
With your wet and hot desire

I wanna get inside
I wanna take my prize
I wanna take a ride
'Till your heat will rise

And when your heat will rise
My heart will go crazy and
You will mesmerize
My soul 'till the end

And when I get inside
I feel so alive
I feel an unrestment
I can't stop the movement

I start to get harder
My body is mad
I start to get quicker
I wonder if I had
- Had I my final movement?
It seems not
So I go again and rot
I burn your body and your soul
Getting in an only hole
The magic place
That starts the race
The race to feel pleasure
The race to feel lust
It doesn't really matter
If we're on bed or dust

And when your body's finished
The liquid is here
Our energy's faded
But we have no fear

Our bodies are now dead
But after times we had
Now we lay on the bed
With nothing to be said

Into your sanctuary

I feel you near
Body and soul
I want this feeling
Now and for all
I want it to last forever
Unless I want not at all ever

When your soul becomes colder
And your body is so hot
I don't wanna be stronger
I want your lust

Take me now
Just like I am
Wish me how
You wanted them

I wanna be the one that makes you
Feel like never before
I wanna be anyone that attracts you
I wanna be myself and they all

Take me now, one time again
And bury me into yourself
Let me feel your seductive rain
If not, it's all in vain

marți, 16 noiembrie 2010

My little goddess you're the one
I want to worship you
And 'till the day I will be gone
I want you to feel too
How much I love you

I don't know what you see
When you look in the mirror
I see your beauty and I know
That it is for real

I want to feel you by my side
Right here, near me
I fell in love at the first sight
As deep as it can be

I really care about you baby
You can say what you want
Maybe I'm a little crazy
But I know that I can't
Stay away from you too much
'Cause I miss you
Your love is like a patch
To my broken heart
And I love you even more
Than I love the art
You do mesmerize my soul
You covered the hole
That was in my chest
And I hope it will be the same
Until forever I'll rest

duminică, 8 august 2010


666 times I will say
666 times I beg you to stay
I'd sell my soul to darkest being
Just to stop my heart from bleeding

I want you more
Than I want my soul
I want you more
In my chest is a hole

I want to touch your heart
By showing you my art
I want to hold you here
And always to feel you near

I want to touch your soul
By giving you my whole
Passion that I can
Bring you from my Hell

And make you feel the lust
When you know that you must
Wait to see again... (you continue)

sâmbătă, 22 mai 2010

Gates Of Hell

Here you are, I found you
I can see you're beautiful
But where am I? I lost myself.
And it is so painful

I can feel with every moment
How the poison runs
In my dark and fragile veins
And I wait for a sign
I'll be waitin' right here,
Laying in my grave
And having always in my sight
The way to the Hell's Gate

I am almost dead, but still
Hoping somewhen you will come
To see how sad it is
And repair our will

Why are you so distant now?
My eyes are missing you
They want to see you one more time
Before they'll close and die
'Cause they know that they for ever
Lived in a lie

They were not blind all this time
And they felt your coldness
They have saw the real crime
You created madness
In my soul and in my heart
It's a desert now
Come back to me, let me see you
Bring me back the snow
'Cause i'm thirsty for your love
I need you right now

joi, 19 noiembrie 2009

When the night is here

The night has came
And I am still
Alone here and I'd like to feel
All the passion and to heal
My scars that are still here

I am sad when night arrives
And I'm not there
To heal your scars

But I am glad that I found you
And I know just what to do:
To be me and to love you

duminică, 8 noiembrie 2009

Where are you my darling
Where are you my love
I am still waiting
Alone in my grave

And I know you are brave
Enough to can break
The seal of the dark
And unchain my heart

I just want to see
Eternaly you and me
On the same dark side
And on the shadow we'll ride

Let's swim together
In a lake of fire
Where passion is burning
Our strong desire

vineri, 25 septembrie 2009


Hell is on the Earth
And we're giving it birth
So when it will be released
You will see the seed

And the light will be
Only a strange memory
In the thoughts of every
Left alive human being

Will we ever feel again
Anything but fear and pain
Hate still rules our minds
And makes victims in our eyes

We were not suppose to do
All the things I said to you
We were not meant to kill
Or the hate feeling to feel

But the darkness came above
As poison in mind and drove
Us right into sin
Who will can ever clean
The poison in our veins

Darkness already rules
And faithless being are to fuse
To any being in this world
'Cause there is no faith or love

Hate is only the beginning
Hate is everything we have
Hate is what is human being
Hate will send us in the grave

sâmbătă, 22 august 2009

The night we'll be together

The night is here
And I pray
You to be near
To come and stay
And have you near day by day

I'd like to stay and watch you sleeping
And take you where am I dreaming
To protect you all night long
To hear your heart is like a song
' Cause i'll love you all life long

And when will it be hard for you
I want to be there to help
To find out just what to do

And in the darkest hours
The world to be ours
And feel it in a kiss
'Cause my world is in your lips]

Angelic Love

There is just you and me right here
It feels so good to have you near
You can now let go the fear
'Cause you know I love you my dear

Now that I'm finding
Your love, my darling
I feel like flying
And don't wanna be falling

Last night I dreamed an angel
It was crawling and an archangel
Asked her why is she still there
How can she forgive the sinner
Then she gave him this answer:
Why should I hurt him anymore?
He already done it.
He hurt me and now I feel pain
My revenge would be in vain
And it would not heal my pain.
And with this answer gain
He was never the same
He took no more lives
And heard no more cries
So he became an angel
After rising her up
And they lived forever
Without even stop
To see the Evil
In bad peoples' eyes
But the Devil was
Soon going to rise
And rule the world
And not at all
Leave the good inside
His infernal mind
At the final war
After it have begun
The angel was hurt
But not and his heart
So when the devil went
To his thorns throne
The angel got the sword and
Destroyed his each and every bone

"So now you see my darling
Why the death must happen
The evil people won't rest
Until the darkness will
Rule the world"

Just a Flash

I can see in your eyes
The sun that always rise
Above the dark skies
Above the earth
Above the water that gives birth
To unimaginable wonders

A look to the future

Tonight is the night
I will stop the fight
And begin the flight
To another world
That is led by word
And the wars are forsaken
And never be awaken

In this fake reality
that has a such clarity
While I'm dreaming about it

But the scars of men
Are hard to heal
While it is sent
Just a message far from real

And the past remembers
What kind of animals we are
And it discovers
That we like the war
We love the blood
We have no mercy
For what we've done
And we're still doing
Our job well
We will create
A terrian Hell
And won't forget
'Cause our scars will always be there
To remember us for the last time that we have to care

Burning Rain

The waiting's killing me
I feel like drowning here
When you're not near me
And anything turns to fear

In my thoughts you are
Always here with me
But then I get hit
By the tough reallity

When I feel it pushing
The air out of me
And my thoughts are rushing
Suffocating me,
I need your touch
I need your kiss
I need your tongue
I wanna feel your lips on mine
Getting drunk with sweet wine
Falling like a heaven rain
When all warnings are in vain
Burning like fire in hell
And feel what we first felt

The fire inside me

The fire inside me burns only for you
And I am still breathing thinkin' that
Someday, sometime I won't have to
Live and slave only the dark

And my emotions are
Dedicated to you
My beloved one
I only need you

So when we'll meet again
I would like to show you
And I hope you'll understand
That I really love you

And I would also like
To offer you my darling
An unforgotten delight
And then we'll be starring
At the moon and stars
Healing our scars
Letting us to dream
That we're forever in
This eternal passion
That gets over fashion
And awakes fears
That are erasing tears
Enjoying the pleasures
Of love and happines. And finding the treasures
In our world of emptynes