sâmbătă, 22 mai 2010

Gates Of Hell

Here you are, I found you
I can see you're beautiful
But where am I? I lost myself.
And it is so painful

I can feel with every moment
How the poison runs
In my dark and fragile veins
And I wait for a sign
I'll be waitin' right here,
Laying in my grave
And having always in my sight
The way to the Hell's Gate

I am almost dead, but still
Hoping somewhen you will come
To see how sad it is
And repair our will

Why are you so distant now?
My eyes are missing you
They want to see you one more time
Before they'll close and die
'Cause they know that they for ever
Lived in a lie

They were not blind all this time
And they felt your coldness
They have saw the real crime
You created madness
In my soul and in my heart
It's a desert now
Come back to me, let me see you
Bring me back the snow
'Cause i'm thirsty for your love
I need you right now