marți, 16 noiembrie 2010

My little goddess you're the one
I want to worship you
And 'till the day I will be gone
I want you to feel too
How much I love you

I don't know what you see
When you look in the mirror
I see your beauty and I know
That it is for real

I want to feel you by my side
Right here, near me
I fell in love at the first sight
As deep as it can be

I really care about you baby
You can say what you want
Maybe I'm a little crazy
But I know that I can't
Stay away from you too much
'Cause I miss you
Your love is like a patch
To my broken heart
And I love you even more
Than I love the art
You do mesmerize my soul
You covered the hole
That was in my chest
And I hope it will be the same
Until forever I'll rest

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