miercuri, 2 mai 2012

Mighty Moments

I feel that I must
I must feel your lust
I want you to feel my fire
With your wet and hot desire

I wanna get inside
I wanna take my prize
I wanna take a ride
'Till your heat will rise

And when your heat will rise
My heart will go crazy and
You will mesmerize
My soul 'till the end

And when I get inside
I feel so alive
I feel an unrestment
I can't stop the movement

I start to get harder
My body is mad
I start to get quicker
I wonder if I had
- Had I my final movement?
It seems not
So I go again and rot
I burn your body and your soul
Getting in an only hole
The magic place
That starts the race
The race to feel pleasure
The race to feel lust
It doesn't really matter
If we're on bed or dust

And when your body's finished
The liquid is here
Our energy's faded
But we have no fear

Our bodies are now dead
But after times we had
Now we lay on the bed
With nothing to be said

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