sâmbătă, 22 august 2009

Angelic Love

There is just you and me right here
It feels so good to have you near
You can now let go the fear
'Cause you know I love you my dear

Now that I'm finding
Your love, my darling
I feel like flying
And don't wanna be falling

Last night I dreamed an angel
It was crawling and an archangel
Asked her why is she still there
How can she forgive the sinner
Then she gave him this answer:
Why should I hurt him anymore?
He already done it.
He hurt me and now I feel pain
My revenge would be in vain
And it would not heal my pain.
And with this answer gain
He was never the same
He took no more lives
And heard no more cries
So he became an angel
After rising her up
And they lived forever
Without even stop
To see the Evil
In bad peoples' eyes
But the Devil was
Soon going to rise
And rule the world
And not at all
Leave the good inside
His infernal mind
At the final war
After it have begun
The angel was hurt
But not and his heart
So when the devil went
To his thorns throne
The angel got the sword and
Destroyed his each and every bone

"So now you see my darling
Why the death must happen
The evil people won't rest
Until the darkness will
Rule the world"

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