sâmbătă, 22 august 2009

A look to the future

Tonight is the night
I will stop the fight
And begin the flight
To another world
That is led by word
And the wars are forsaken
And never be awaken

In this fake reality
that has a such clarity
While I'm dreaming about it

But the scars of men
Are hard to heal
While it is sent
Just a message far from real

And the past remembers
What kind of animals we are
And it discovers
That we like the war
We love the blood
We have no mercy
For what we've done
And we're still doing
Our job well
We will create
A terrian Hell
And won't forget
'Cause our scars will always be there
To remember us for the last time that we have to care

Un comentariu:

Verde Contemplativ spunea...

Mi-au placut cateva versuri pe care nu le voi cita pentru ca parca vad ca iti va creste "pipota".
Imi place si imaginea pe care ai ales-o si pe care o consider geniala.
In rest...ROCK ON!!!