sâmbătă, 22 august 2009

The fire inside me

The fire inside me burns only for you
And I am still breathing thinkin' that
Someday, sometime I won't have to
Live and slave only the dark

And my emotions are
Dedicated to you
My beloved one
I only need you

So when we'll meet again
I would like to show you
And I hope you'll understand
That I really love you

And I would also like
To offer you my darling
An unforgotten delight
And then we'll be starring
At the moon and stars
Healing our scars
Letting us to dream
That we're forever in
This eternal passion
That gets over fashion
And awakes fears
That are erasing tears
Enjoying the pleasures
Of love and happines. And finding the treasures
In our world of emptynes

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