joi, 6 august 2009

Black Bleeding Heart

I can't resist my darling
I can't resist the pain
Of the temptation coming
And of my words in vain

And I cannot break
The sealof your beauty
To escape the spell
That have done it's duty

And I still want to
Have forever you
Here, by my side
And all be allright

'Cause in the darkest hour
I don't want to be
Alone in my coffin
Just with the fear within

So I fust want to ask you
A final hard question
When will you apear
When will you rise
Will it be today or at the end of days

And as a final notice
I want you to know
I have always loved you
And so I'll do until I'll go
To another world to discover secrets
Of unknown ghosts
And unknown spirits

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arashi spunea...

very touching lyrics...