joi, 6 august 2009

Hell Was Full

In my whole life i did all so wrong
that now i have to walk
this world alone

In my whole life i did nothing good
And now I should be in Hell, but who could?
'Cause no one ever told me the real truth:

Hell Was Full!!!

So i came back, in this fucking world
To walk again
And see what i've become
To run and feel again
The pain that still remains
In my whole body
For a lot of days

To run nowhere and find something
To hide from someone who's nobody
And after this to go
Into the other world
And find out what I already know:

Hell Is Full!!!

So i'll have to come back again
And to live my whole life once again
To see all i have seen in my past
And hear that all my friends didn't last

And after this to go again, to try to find in place into my Hell
But in my mind i always knew
That for me Hell will be always full
'Cause my God has forsaken me
And my Devil doesen't want me
In His place to burn and see
How much suffering there can be
But it doesen't matter, i enjoy my life
Until in Hell, i will find my place
And in this Hell i will also find
The Heaven inside my mind

2 comentarii:

Anonim spunea...

Repetitia e buna , ii da simetrie. Tittlul iti da de gandit si e bine. Sincer as vrea sa stiu care ti se pare cea mai buna poezie a ta si daca ai timp sa o explici.

Ellen spunea...

Man..unde's postarile pe 2010?;;)..:-w