joi, 6 august 2009

The widow in my dreams

[Even the men who think
In their mind is nothing
Have a hidden fear
Untold to the world
Untold to the dead
Waiting for the time
To release it with tears]

I woke up this morning
I looked out on my window
What I saw was something strange
No, it was just a widow

Once I fell asleep
She begun to haunt me
In my dreams and in my brain
Telling me a story

I fear my child
I fear something
I feel like a stranger
Who will be soon nothing

Once the death catches you
In it's spider web
You'll never escape
To the other gate

To find again the living land
To walk again your world, your road

In her story she told me
About a man who died
About her loving husband
Who's been burried recently

She was crying in my dreams
And showing me his face
She was really hurt in fact
About her sad endings

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The Dead Poet

I was altered in the placenta
by the dead brother before me
who built a place in the womb
knowing I was coming:
he wrote words on the walls of flesh
painting a woman inside a woman
whispering a faint lullaby
that sings in my blind heart still

The others were lumberjacks
backwoods wrestlers and farmers
their women were meek and mild
nothing of them survives
but an image inside an image
of a cookstove and the kettle boiling
- how else explain myself to myself
where does the song come from?

Now on my wanderings:
at the Alhambra's lyric dazzle
where the Moors built stone poems
a wan white face peering out
- and the shadow in Plato's cave
remembers the small dead one
- at Samarkand in pale blue light
the words came slowly from him
- I recall the music of blood
on the Street of the Silversmiths

Sleep softly spirit of earth
as the days and nights join hands
when everything becomes one thing
wait softly brother
but do not expect it to happen
that great whoop announcing resurrection
expect only a small whisper
of birds nesting and green things growing
and a brief saying of them
and know where the words came from

Al Purdy

Imi place poezia e una dintre cele mai bune. are modernism, simbol si substanta.
Sper sa-ti placa ce ti-am trimis, Al este unul dintre cei mai buni poeti actuali si Dead poet cea mai buna poezie a lui:)